National Maritime Strategies

State of implementation of National Maritime Strategies in the Baltic Sea Region:

According to the proposal for an Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU, all coastal member states should develop their own national integrated maritime policies. The goal is to enhance and facilitate cooperation at all levels of maritime governance, including at European level. 
National integrated maritime policies should be based on the recognition that all matters relating to the sea are interlinked and should be dealt with as a whole. Just like the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy, integrated national policies should also be guided by the principles of subsidiarity, competitiveness and economic development, the ecosystem approach and the principle of stakeholder participation.

As was made clear by the Commission, one size does not fit all: there are different, equally suitable ways to make integrated maritime affairs work. A number of countries are currently developing their own new approaches, in accordance with their legal frameworks and the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental context. Each government will also have own priorities for its maritime policy.

Yet, all governments should work towards shared goals. In order to set these, the EC issued on 26/06/2008 the general Guidelines for an Integrated Approach to Maritime Policy. BaltSeaPlan policy expert group is going to further specify these goals and requirements for national strategies.