Maritime Spatial Plan (MSP) is urgently needed in order to put limitations on potential uses and avoid transboundary conflicts.  A draft plan will be prepared by the Maritime Institute Gdańsk, who already have experience with the first Polish maritime spatial plan in the Western Gulf of Gdańsk. Swedish cooperation will comprise of data provision and carrying out the stakeholder participation. Based on the experiences from the Coastman project, the KTH will carry out stakeholder workshops focusing on conflicts in the Middle Bank area.

Planning area and main issues / conficts

The area of the pilot project Middle Bank (“Södra midsjöbanken” in Swedish, “Ławica Środkowa” in Polish) lies on the intersection of EEZs of Poland and Sweden. The BaltSeaPlan Middle Bank planning area has been delineated along the coordinates 55º30' - 55º50'N and 17º00’ - 17º45'E. There will be four working areas:
  • Polish subpart,
  • Swedish subpart,
  • the subpart limited by the isobaths 20m
  • the whole area (as described above).

The main issues/conflict which will be addressed by the pilot plan are: nature protection, sand and gravel extraction, mining, the offshore wind energy development, fishery, shipping, pipelines and submarine cables.

Main stakeholders

  • Governmental administration (Ministries, sectoral agencies, institutes, administrations, etc.),
  • Coastal regions (administrations and citizens)
  • Scientific institutions (Universities, PAS Institutes and other)
  • NGOs (ecological, fishermen, wind energy associations, etc.)
  • International organisations, so-called ‘pan-Baltic’ (Baltic 21, VASAB 2010, HELCOM, Baltic Sea Regional Advisory Council BS RAC)

Activities / Approach

Main Middle Bank pilot project activities will be:
  • Stakeholders' involvement process: establishing contacts with stakeholders, periodic meetings
  • Public hearings
  • Data collection and harmonization
  • Analysis: identifying conflicts, drawing the common national visions and scenarios, finding international solutions.

First draft of the plans for PL and SE subparts is to be ready in September 2010.The public hearing process of the first synchronized PL/SE maritime spatial plan is to be launched at the beginning of 2011. The final pilot maritime spatial plan for the Middle Bank area is expected to be ready in August 2011.