Maritime Planning still isn't introduced for the Lithuanian marine area (territorial sea and EEZ). The demand for planning due to the activities already started such as sand extraction, dumped sediment management and offshore wind energy sector development and their conflicts with Natura 2000 and fishing as well as navigation is "near door" problem in Lithuania. No responsible body/authorized agency ("one stop" service) exist which could coordinate and advice while managing existing and potential conflicts among different sea users.

Approach /Activities

Analysis of current sea-uses in the Lithuanian EEZ:
The activity will show what nowadays usage exists and in what spatial extent. The overlapping of the different usage layers will reveal the existing and potential conflict areas. The overview of the main criterions used in order to locate the particular activities or restriction zones in the particular place will show the legislative background existing in the country and will probably show the need of improvement or clarification.

Demand analysis for current and near future usage:
Focus will be on the activities foreseen in the near future, for example:
  • areas  to be allocated for offshore wind farms due to the commitments to EU to increase the renewable energy sector up to 20% by 2020;
  • area)of sand for beach nourishment due to the confirmed coastal zone management strategy for year 2008-20013; deep sea port development and others

emand of re-planning/inventory of existing sea uses:
Including environmental sensitivity assessment (habitat maps, integrated sensitivity mapping, etc.), evaluation socio-economic parameters (fishing intensity, navigation intensity, forecast of development of recreational navigation, etc.), overlapping of existing sea use with layers of introduced environmental sensitivity end socio-economic value.

Expected results

  • To set (propose) minimum standards for MSP in Lithuania
  • Vision for administrative organization with regards to MSP, e.g. vision of "one stop shop" principle implementation and tender system for offshore activities
  • Definition of responsiblilities for marine planning, data collection - a demand study.